Sunday, September 7, 2014

Summer Fun

Our 2014 summer vacation started in Windsor
with a visit to Grandma &  Grandpa Chem

 We then headed down the scenic
Pacific Coast Highway on our way
to Santa Barbara

We can't go to Santa Barbara without spending
a day at the beach . . . Love it!!

Next stop . . . the Happiest Place on Earth

It's true, at 17 it was Derek's first time to Disneyland,
needless to say he was pretty excited

 We had so much fun on all of the rides . . .

Meeting some of our favorite characters . . .

Sampling Disney's famous turkey legs . . .

And really just spending time together.

So long . . . until next time!!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

A Winter Break

I'll be the first to admit that there is nothing prettier
than Mt Timpanogos on a cold wintry day. 
However, by the end of January I've had enough,
 so I recently exchanged this view for this----

----Sunny Santa Barbara!

On Saturday we went on a 3 hour whale watching
tour and we were not disappointed!

Not too far out of the harbor we came across
this huge pod of dolphins

They were so fun to watch because they 
loved swimming right next to the boat

We spotted this big gray whale and followed him
around for about an hour, he put on quite the show


Another day the temps were in the 70's and
Jeff had the day off so in the morning we went up
 into the hills and hiked around these rock formations 
for awhile, the kids loved it.

By afternoon it was warmer so we headed to the
beach in Carpenteria,  still a little too cold to get in 
the water but the kids had a blast "sledding" down 
the sand hills

One night we hurried down to Hendrys Beach
to watch the sunset, it was amazing.

Loved my Winter Break and loved spending
time with these people!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Happy Holidays

It was a very Happy Holiday at the
LeChem's this year!

We love it when the whole gang is together, 
so we were thrilled that Jeff & Julie were
 able to make it home for Christmas 

Because really, its all about these 5 kiddo's . . .

. . . and these 5 kiddo's too!

On Christmas Eve we had to check emails from Santa 
to see who had made it on the "nice list" and who had
made the "naughty list" (sorry Diesel)

 Favorite present this year---Just Dance for the X-Box
Big kids and little kids had alot of fun with this

Nic & Derek working on their Macklemore moves

The grandkids at Gram & Grandpa's first 
annual Snowman Breakfast

We ate snowman pancakes,

played snowman games

and had lots of fun!

We enjoyed an awesome day of skiing
at Sundance

A very Happy Holiday indeed :)

Saturday, October 19, 2013

A Walk Back In Time

Since Maui was out of the question (HaHa) Gary and I
 had to settle for a week-end in St. George to celebrate
 our 34th Anniversary

Saturday was beautiful with temps in the 70's and so
we decided to hike to some Anasazi petroglyphs
that we had heard about

This is looking down on the Santa Clara River

After hiking for over an hour we finally came upon
these but seriously there were no more petroglyphs to be 
found and we're like we've hiked all this way for this?!

Disappointed we headed back down the trail.
After awhile we came upon some people gathered around
a group of rocks.  Come to find out we had hiked right
past not knowing that you have to hike down off the trail
among some boulders in order to find the petroglyphs
(Perhaps the BLM could mark that more clearly?  Just saying)

Anyway, as you can see we were happy to have finally 
found them and they were pretty amazing

Keep in mind that the "old goats" are to the
right of the picture . . .

We decided the Anasazi must have had a 
great sense of humor!!

Even though our hike ended up being 3 hours
long we really did enjoy our "Walk back in time"!